Commercial Solutions

Cyberattacks are the fastest growing crime in the United States and one of the fastest growing crimes worldwide. In 2016, there were nearly one billion accounts and record compromised worldwide. According to the National Cyber Security Society, business relate identity theft cases were up 46% in 2017, with small businesses being the biggest risk.


According to a study performed in 2018, mobile phone account takeovers have nearly doubled from the previous year resulting in nearly $3.4 billion in losses for victims.


Account Takeover (ATO) risks apply to businesses of all sizes, it’s employees and customers.  ATO leads to illegal access of everything from online accounts, bank accounts and even your proprietary systems and assets.  Combatting ATOs is the focus of our Commercial Solutions, arming our customers with ACTIONABLE and TRANSPARENT resources they need to protect and defend against hackers and cyber criminals.


Four Main types of Business Identity theft


Financial Fraud: Fraudulently obtained lines of credit, business loans or credit cards; and/or fraudulent UCC filings.

Tax Fraud: Fraudulent filing returns using subsidies and/or obtaining refunds.

Trademark Ransom: Holding the business name or logo hostage for a ransom.

Website Defacement: Manipulation of the business website.

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Business Solutions

Cyber Intel and Awareness™ (CIA)

Business Focused Monitoring:


Is your business exposed to account takeover (ATO)? How are you supposed to know? These and other cyber risks apply to businesses of all sizes, employees, and customers. ATO leads to illegal access of everything from online accounts, financial information, proprietary systems, and business assets.


Core ID Services’ Cyber Intel and Awareness (CIA) provides business-focused cyber threat monitoring to help keep your data, employees and customers safe.  Know when and how much of your data has been exposed, on your terms.


Real-Time Access, Alerts, and Information: Secure online portal for intelligence monitoring, awareness, reports, notifications, and guidance.


Prevent Illegal ATO and Phishing: Gain access to exposed or compromised credentials of both employee and business accounts.


Eliminate Third-Party Data Breach Notifications: View potential business risks first-hand instead of waiting for a third-party to divulge the information.

Employer Solutions

Employee Benefit

Did you know that personal financial issues are one of the biggest distractions for employees? By offering identity monitoring and recovery as a benefit to your employees, you are able to reduce that distraction. Contact our highly trained and knowledgeable team, today, to find the right coverage options for your employees.

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