April 2014: Is credit monitoring enough?
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Credit monitoring: Is it enough?

What the credit bureaus aren't telling you

In almost every data breach to hit the news -- including the Target breach -- consumers have been offered credit monitoring as  a solution.

But is it enough? Credit monitoring only detects about 20% of the known types of identity theft. It won't catch medical identity theft or tax return theft, two of the most common types of identity fraud. Even worse, credit monitoring will only tell you if you've already become a victim.

That's why ARX-ID monitors all your identity data points. And we look for the types of actions identity thieves take first, so we can catch them in the act. Our real-time Risk Alerts, delivered via email or text, let you stop them before any damage is done.

Find out more about our monitoring options and upgrades that can protect your whole family.

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Identity Monitoring: Know your options

Here's how ARX-ID goes beyond simple credit monitoring to protect your entire identity profile:

All plan levels offer:
  • ID CheckPoint Monitoring - We monitor the activities identity thieves are most likely to do, like opening new accounts or taking over your existing one. If there is an "ID CheckPoint" set up to verify an identity, it triggers an alert.
  • RiskAlerts. These important notifications tell you when we've detected suspicious activity that could mean identity theft. If so, you'll be able to respond right away to stop identity thieves in their tracks. You'll need to register at MyCoreID.com to activate your monitoring, and can also use the portal to let us know if you'd like to receive RiskAlerts by email or text to your mobile phone.

ARX-ID Complete and Complete Family plans also offer:
  • ID Track - Detects use of ID data in all types of daily use -- not just credit-related activities. Lets you detect ID theft risks BEFORE it hits your credit report.
  • CyberTrack - Monitors black market sites that trade in stolen identities for members' info.
  • HackTrack - Searches known breaches for members' info.

Want to upgrade your monitoring? Not sure what plan you have? Checking your current plan level or upgrading is easy at MyCoreID.com.

Important Heartbleed Bug Notice

We would like to reassure all our ARX-ID members that MyCoreID.com is not affected by the Heartbleed bug.

To check if other sites are vulnerable, you can use the Heartbleed checker tool. Security experts strongly recommend changing all passwords on affected sites, but only after you have verified they have made the updates necessary to patch the vulnerability.


Vol 3, Issue 4

In This Issue:
Know your options
Tax ID theft alert
Know these warning signs
Heartbleed Bug

Did the IRS tell you a tax return had already been filed in your name?

We can help correct tax identity theft for you - just give us a call.

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Do you know these ID theft warning signs?

Collection notices for services you haven't used, including utility bills and medical treatments.

Statements not arriving could indicate someone has taken over your credit or bank account.

IRS rejecting your tax return because someone has already filed one in your name.

Your child's student loan application is rejected because someone stole their identity while they were underage.

ARX-ID can monitor for all these types of identity theft; investigate any suspicious activity; and recover your identity if it has been stolen.
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