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Welcome to ARX-ID, your stronghold against identity theft. You are now enrolled in the ARX-ID Identity Theft Protection Plan to monitor your risk of identity theft and provide fully-managed recovery if you ever fall victim to fraud.

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Your first step should be to login at, your personalized portal to access your plan details and your ID Score™. This score helps gauge your current risk of becoming a victim of identity theft. Read on to learn more about what your ID Score means, and how you can increase your monitoring to get up-to-the minute updates and real-time alerts anytime your ID profile is used.

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Understanding your ID Score™

Your ID Score™ represents your current risk level for becoming a victim of identity theft. You can see your current score at your personalized page on our secure portal, If you haven't already registered at this site, make sure to do so today.

A gauge will show your current 3-digit ID Score, and rank it as low, medium or high. The calculation is based on events associated with you over a 3 year period. The events stem from financial institutions, product applications, census data, identity fraud, and more; and with industries such as communications, financial, auto and retail. Unlike a credit score, your risk score can't be changed directly by changing habits or paying off credit.

A high score does not necessarily mean you have become a victim of ID theft, but it is an indicator of the likelihood - the closer your score is to 999, the higher your risk of identity theft or fraud. If your score is in the moderate range, you should spend time reviewing your credit reports and social security statements to check for suspicious activity. Call us at (855) 262-7612 if you find fraudulent or questionable information so we can research the issue on your behalf.

As an Essentials plan member, your score is assessed monthly. For real-time monitoring and instant alerts of changes to your score, upgrade to ARX-ID Complete by visiting the portal. You'll be notified any time someone attempts to use your ID profile. If it's not legitimate, you can block the request. Upgrading to ARX-ID Complete is an affordable way to maximize your identity theft protection.

3 Questions You Should be Asking

When it comes to identity fraud, being proactive and using common sense go hand-in-hand with the protection you get from your ARX-ID plan. Be your own advocate and ask these questions to help stop identity theft before it starts:
  1. Why do you need to know that?
    You don't have to worry about info being stolen if you don't share it. Make sure your data is being requested for legitimate reasons. If asked for a Social Security number, see if you can just give the last four digits.
  2. Who will be seeing it?
    Ask for accountability - many data breaches come from 3rd party vendors mishandling information. Also get assurance that office staff and temp workers don't have unnecessary access.
  3. How will you protect it?
    Make sure they are using encryption or other controls to keep your data safe. Several recent patient data breaches have come from the theft of unencrypted laptops from physicians' offices.
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In this issue:
  • Welcome from the President
  • Understanding your ID Score
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  • Success Story: Keith
Keith Success Story

Success Story: Keith

In January 2012, "Keith" was notified by his credit card company that nine different accounts had been opened in his name within three days. His experience left him shaken and in need of help. He became a member of ARX-ID Complete, and was assigned a personal Certified Recovery Expert (CRE). During his initial ID monitoring scan, we detected all nine fraudulent accounts. Had Keith already been an ARX-ID Complete plan member, the fraud would have been spotted - and stopped - with the first account.

Javelin Strategy and Research, an independent firm specializing in studying identity fraud, recommends identity monitoring as an important protection for consumers hoping to limit their risk of fraud: "The most complete identity protection services offer both personal information monitoring and credit monitoring."

Source: 2012 Identity Fraud Report: Consumers Taking Control to Reduce Their Risk of Fraud, Javelin Strategy & Research

Training Video

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Did You Know:

Credit fraud is just one of 40 different kinds of identity fraud. Checking your annual credit reports is a smart move, but will not protect you from many different forms of ID theft. ARX-ID's identity monitoring gives you the most comprehensive protection possible.

Recent Data Breaches
  • Memorial Healthcare System - 102,153 patients
  • Dropbox - User password breach
  • Public Employees Retirement Association - 100,000 New Mexico state employees
  • University of Southern California - POS credit card breach

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About CORE ID Services

CORE ID Services, LLC provides identity theft protection to employees and other groups through their ARX-ID suite of services. We emphasize monitoring to detect identity theft in the early stages, and fully-managed recoveries to mitigate the effects of identity theft with the least possible stress and involvement on behalf of our plan members.