December 2013: Smart strategies for happy holidays
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Keep your holidays happy!

Avoid seasonal scams

The holidays should be a time of goodwill and good cheer - but unfortunately fraudsters will take advantage of any opportunity to catch you off your guard.

Don't let a Grinch steal your identity - follow our latest tips, and keep the season bright!

Daniel J. Benish
CORE ID Services, LLC

Beat Holiday Scams:

Stay aware during the hustle and bustle for these common traps:

Keep online shopping safe - Look for https:// at the beginning of the web address to make sure it is a secure site. And stick to online stores you know and trust.

Activate & set preferences for RiskAlerts. Sign up at to get email or text alerts when we've detected suspicious activity that could mean identity theft. Early detection can stop ID thieves in their tracks!

Check your bank and credit statements as soon as they arrive. You may have some protection from fraudulent charges, but in some cases you must report the fraud within just a few days to get fully reimbursed. And the longer thieves have your info the more damage they can do!Keep an eye on your wallet. A pick pocket in a busy mall can grab more than cash - with your drivers license they steal your entire identity. And you should never carry your Social Security card with you - keep it safe and locked at home.

Know where you're giving. If you give to charities, make sure they're legit. Never give credit card info over the phone to an unsolicited caller.
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