February 2013: Social networking & your risk for identity theft.
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Social Media

Facebook and other social media sites are a fun way to connect - but do you know who you are connecting to? And what are they learning about you? Check out our article below on the risks of social media sites, and smart steps you should take to protect yourself and your children.

With Valentine's Day just a few days away, you may also be going online to find a new relationship. Unfortunately, while the Internet lets you cast a wider net, you may also have less control on who you "scoop up." The recent scandal involving Manti Te'o put a spotlight on scams that target people willing to put their hearts on the line, online. Our tips can also help protect you from online predators.

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Safe SocializingSocial media can increase your risk for identity theft

Know the risks of social networking

Last year's report on identity theft by Javelin Strategy and Research found that social media users had a higher rate of fraud than non-users. Not only can identity thieves find out personal or identifying information about you, it also gives them an opportunity to connect with you. However, following a few guidelines for safe social media use can make it safer for you still to enjoy connecting with friends through these popular tools.
  • Keep it between friends - don't accept invitations to connect to people you don't know.
  • Use privacy settings - limit who can see what you share.
  • Don't "overshare" - think before you post info about upcoming vacations or children's birthdates.
  • Watch out for links and videos - malware is often hidden inside enticing links like celebrity videos, or even "scam alerts."
  • Teach your children safe Internet use - OnGuardOnline.gov has great resources for parents and kids to explore.
  • Share these tips with older family members, too - if they are less familiar with the Internet, they may be more prone to scams.
  • Use unique passwords - hackers count on you using the same one to access multiple sites.

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Letter from the President
Safe Socializing
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