February 2014: Get the most out of your ARX-ID plan
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You have the power to protect your identity

As the Target breach taught us, anyone is vulnerable to identity theft.

So does this mean we should just give up and wait to become a victim? Not at all. There are many simple steps you can take that make a big difference. Many of these tips are listed at www.myCoreID.com, but our top recommendations are below.

But if you do fall victim, don't feel like this was your fault! No service, including ours, can guarantee to prevent identity theft. For the same reason, don't blame yourself if it happens to you. Instead, turn to us for help. We will do everything required on your behalf to clear up the nightmare and restore your identity.

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Get Proactive About Identity Protection:

Your ARX-ID Identity Theft Protection Plan gives you the tools to go on the offensive against identity thieves.
  • Register at www.MyCoreID.com - This secure portal is your one-stop connection to all your plan benefits, including any current ID theft risk alerts, data breach alerts and tips on outsmarting identity thieves. The first time you log in, you'll need your member number from your Welcome Kit. If you have misplaced this info, just call us at 855.262.7610.
  • Activate & set preferences for RiskAlerts. These important notifications tell you when we've detected suspicious activity that could mean identity theft. If so, you'll be able to respond right away to stop identity thieves in their tracks. You'll need to register at MyCoreID.com to activate your monitoring, and can also use the portal to let us know if you'd like to receive RiskAlerts by email or text to your mobile phone.
  • Order your free annual credit reports from AnnualCreditReport.com (see our article below for more info). With the Credit Report Track feature of your ARX-ID plan, you can set up reminders and pick whether you want to be reminded once a year, or stagger your three reports throughout the year. Our CREs (Certified Recovery Experts) can also help you review your credit report, answer any questions you might have, and take care of correcting any errors for you.
  • Consider upgrading your plan. ARX-ID comes in three levels - ARX-ID Essentials, with basic identity monitoring; ARX-ID Complete with full identity and online profile monitoring; and ARX-ID Complete Family, for full monitoring of all household family members. As a current member, you may qualify for deep discounts over the retail price. Again, checking your current plan level or upgrading is easy at MyCoreID.com.
  • Find us on Facebook or Twitter (@COREIDServices)Find us on Facebook!. Follow us on Twitter! @COREIDServicesWe regularly post new scam warnings, tips, news, guides and breach alerts, to help keep you on top of the latest threats.
  • Take 5 minutes to read CORE Concepts (if you miss an issue, don't worry, they're also on MyCoreID.com!). This free monthly e-newsletter gives us a chance to get a little deeper on identity theft topics like medical ID theft, social media risks, and protecting vulnerable family members like kids or seniors. Plus we explain features of your ARX-ID plan, and give other important reminders and alerts that can help keep your identity safe.

Myth Buster

True or false: Checking your credit report can negatively affect your credit score.


Don't let this myth stop you from ordering the free annual credit reports you are allowed by law. According to credit bureau Experian, this type of inquiry is ranked separately from applications for credit. The confusion comes about because both are listed on the personal credit report you receive.

Core ID's Certified Recovery Experts can help you review your report and answer any questions you have. And remember, www.AnnualCreditReport.com is the official site to access your free credit report from each of the three bureaus. Think twice about any service that asks you to pay for it.



Parent's Guide to talking about online safety

Funeral Notice Scam

Has a funeral home sent you their condolences? The FTC has issued a warning about a scam we alerted our Facebook fans to last week.

If you clicked on an email with a link to information on a friend's passing, you have a different reason to be sad - this is a scam designed to install malware (or computer virus) on your computer, which hackers can use to access your personal data.

Use updated anti-virus software to scan and remove any malware from your computer. If you have not clicked on the email yet, delete it and do not click any links or attachments in this or other emails. Even if it appears to come from a trusted source, it could be a "phishing" email. Call the sender if you have questions about whether it's real.

Recent Data Breaches

Forbes.com, Approx. 1.2 million emails and passwords.
Kickstarter.com, Personal data and passwords.
White Lodging Hotel Franchise (including Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton & Westin properties) is investigating a possible breach of payment cards.

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- What's worrying consumer advocate Clark Howard;
- What a $9.84 charge on your statement can cost you;
- Why you should steer clear of "free" health screenings & surveys;
- How to beat tax identity thieves at their own game.

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