January 2013: Resolve to Protect Your Identity; Top 5 Threats to Watch
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Resolve to Protect Your Identity

Easy changes to make this year

Like many people, you may be looking to make positive changes in the new year. Limiting identity theft can help prevent financial losses, emotional stress and lost time -- and the good news is, some simple changes can make a huge difference. See our article below on some easy steps you can take this year to protect yourself.

Of course, you've already made a great start with your membership in ARX-ID. With our identity monitoring service to catch fraud quickly, and full recovery services to resolve it on your behalf, you have a huge advantage over identity thieves. If you haven't already, log into www.mycoreid.com to make the most of your ARX-ID coverage today.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!

Daniel J. Benish
CORE ID Services, LLC

Healthy Habits for Fighting Identity Theft

Take a new spin on some common New Year's resolutions for a stronger defense against identity theft:
  • Don't procrastinate - Check credit card and bank statements as soon as they arrive to catch any unauthorized activity.
  •  Cut back  on the amount of personal data you reveal. Ask if you can provide the last 4 digits instead of your full SSN, or the month and year instead of your full birthdate.
  • Set limits on social network sharing. Thieves troll these sites to pick up personal data they can use to impersonate you.
  • Get stronger computer passwords -- and check out the list of most-used passwords to the right to know which to avoid!
  • Organize your financial records and shred any documents that no longer need to be stored.
  • Clean up your computer with updated anti-mailware software.
  • Be prepared for natural disasters - have backups of important documents both in a safe, offsite location and on a password-protected storage device that you can take along if you are evacuated (see our November issue for more advice on this topic).
  • Schedule regular check-ups of your identity theft risk score at www.mycoreid.com. Haven't logged in yet? Resolve to do it today to get the full benefit of your ARX-ID membership. See your Welcome Kit for instructions or call 855-262-7612 for help.

Top Threats in 2013

What will be biggest sources of identity theft in 2013? Experts are warning consumers to watch out for:

  1. Tax Return Fraud: Watch for our special report coming in the March issue.
  2. Medical ID Fraud: Find important questions to ask your doctor in our October issue.
  3. Data Breaches: If you've been involved in a breach, contact us immediately for help.
  4. Child Identity Theft: Find out how upgrading your plan to ARX-ID Family can help
  5. Social Networking, Phishing and other cybercrimes: See our list of healthy habits above for strategies that can help.

January 28 is Data Privacy Day

"Consumers need to safeguard their personal information like they would any other valuable."  - Eva Velasquez, President, Identity Theft Resource Center

Most popular passwords of 2012:

Here's a sampling of the 25 most popular passwords in 2012. If yours is on the list, it's time to make a change!

1. password
2. 123456
4 .abc123
5 .qwerty
6. monkey
7. letmein
9. 111111
10. baseball
19: Ashley
20. football
25. password1

Scam Alert

Online Tech Support Scam: Bogus callers (often named "Adam" or "Bill") claim to be from a well-known software company and say your computer has sent an error message to their tech support center. They attempt to get permission to access your computer remotely to "scan" it for viruses. They may also ask for your credit card information to charge for a "fix."
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