January 2014: Retail data breaches; Tax Identity Theft
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Is it safe to shop?

What the Target breach means for you

Chances are, you've seen or read about the Target data breach - maybe you even got an email from Target saying you were affected.

While this has been a very high-profile case, data breaches like this are a very common occurrence. In fact, experts believe that many more retail breaches timed for Black Friday have yet to be discovered.

So what can you do to keep your info, your finances, and your identity safe? Your ARX-ID membership can help! Sign up at myCoreID.com to activate your identity profile monitoring, so you'll receive real-time alerts of suspicious activity that could mean fraud. Keep an eye on data breach alerts, also posted on myCoreID.com or on our Facebook page, to see if there are ones that could involve you. And follow the tips you find in Core Concepts each month, like the ones below on tax identity theft!

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Top Tips for Fighting Tax Identity Theft:

Watch this IRS video for more infoThis week is Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week. Tax identity theft is a type of fraud where thieves use your Social Security number to file a tax return in your name - with the refund going to their address. Last year this technique was used to steal almost $4 billion dollars. Here are the tips you need to know to protect your tax return from identity thieves:
  • File early - The sooner you can get your return in, the better your chance of getting ahead of fraudsters.
  • Never respond to an email from the IRS - The IRS does *not* email taxpayers asking for personal info. If you get an email or text from the IRS, even one with an official seal  on it, forward it to phishing@irs.gov and then hit delete! If you have any concerns, call the IRS instead.
  • Be sure you're working with a reputable tax preparer. Some cases of tax ID theft have actually come from shady tax preparers stealing their clients' returns. Here's more info on how to find a reputable preparer and report suspicious ones.
  • Find us on Facebook or Twitter (@COREIDServices)Find us on Facebook!. Follow us on Twitter! @COREIDServicesWe post timely tips like these to help you keep one step ahead of fraud all year long.
If you've experienced tax identity theft in the past, let us know. We'll help you follow special procedures with the IRS to secure your return against future fraud.

If you do receive a notification from the IRS that a return has already been filed in your name, contact the Core ID Recovery Center immediately. In most cases, this is a serious indicator of identity theft. Our Certified Recovery Experts able to correct all types of identity theft, including tax and other government benefits fraud.

Retail Breaches Target Shoppers

A black cloud hangs over Black Friday shoppers who went to Target on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Hackers put malware (also known as a computer virus) on the system that scans your card at the register. This allowed them to collect information on 40 million payment cards that could let them make charges to your account.

They were also able to access personal details like email addresses on another 70 million customers. Information like this is collected and sold on the Internet black market. Hackers are sophisticated enough to even piece together information stolen in other breaches to create a more complete record of your identity.

Advanced monitoring options in our upgraded ARX-ID Complete and ARX-ID Complete Family plans scour the Internet black market to uncover these "trading posts" and seek out information stolen in data breaches. By upgrading your plan, you can activate HackTrack(TM) and CyberTrack(TM) monitoring on your identity profile, giving you an advantage against hackers. Visit www.myCoreID.com to see more information on plan features, discounts for current ARX-ID members, or to enroll your entire family for full protection.


Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week, January 14-17

Recent Data Breaches

If you think your information could have been stolen in one of these breaches, contact the Core ID Recovery Center at 855.262.7612.
  • Target, November 2013 - 40 million payment cards; 70 million customer records hacked.
  • Neiman Marcus, November 2013 - An undisclosed number of payment cards hacked
  • North Carolina HHS, January 2014 - Accidentally mailed children's Medicaid cards to the wrong address.

Scam Alert

Did you get an email or text about the Target breach? Make sure it's not one of the new phishing scams that have cropped up to prey on breach victims. Don't respond to requests for your personal information.
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