November 2013: Why do you need identity theft protection?
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Why do you need ARX-ID?

What does your identity theft protection plan do for you?

Whether you're receiving your ARX-ID membership as an employee benefit, or have joined on your own, your plan gives you a huge advantage in the fight against identity theft.

But what makes identity theft protection such a valuable benefit? This month's issue shows you some of the top reasons. But remember, to get the most protection possible, register on our secure portal,

Daniel J. Benish
CORE ID Services, LLC

Top Reasons for Having Identity Theft Protection

  1. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S. - there were one million more victims in 2012 than just the year before.
  2. Identity theft has been the #1 consumer complaint tracked by the FTC over the past 5 years.
  3. Identity theft can affect all ages and stages - including children, seniors, and even deceased family members.
  4. Having your information stolen in a data breach makes you four times more likely to be an identity theft victim.
  5. Credit monitoring (instead of full identity profile monitoring) only detects a fraction of all known types of identity theft.
  6. Medical ID theft can affect your medical treatment or cause your insurance to be cancelled - it can literally be life-threatening.
  7. Once stolen, your identity can change hands many times in the data black market, making you a victim multiple times over.
  8. Resolving identity theft on your own can take hundreds of hours, and rack up costs not covered by credit protection.
Once you've registered at, your ARX-ID Identity Theft Protection Plan will monitor your full identity profile for the type of use that can signal fraud. If you choose to upgrade, you'll enhance your monitoring to detect your compromised data on the Cyber Black Market.

You can also upgrade to ARX-ID Complete Family  to monitor your entire household for fraud. And ARX-ID is the only service on the market that provides full identity theft recovery for all household family members, under every plan.

Upgrading your ARX-ID plan is easy!
Just log in at Need help finding your login credentials?  Just call us at 855.262.7612.

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