September 2013: Banking and ID Theft
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Make no mistake about it - identity thieves are in it for the money. And the most direct route is through your bank account. No wonder banking scams like new account fraud and ATM skimming are two of the top ways fraudsters cash in on your identity.

ARX-ID is here to help. Activate the full benefits of your membership on our secure portal, Read on for more top tips your bank or credit union wants you to know about protecting your most valuable assets.

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Top 10 things your bank wants you to know:

You have the power to fight back against identity fraud & protect your money. Here's how:
  1. Does that email smell phishy? "Phishing" scams are emails that seem to come from your financial institution (FI) asking you to log in to update or change something in your account. Of course, this phony email is really a way to capture your password or other private info. Delete and do not respond! If you have any questions, call their customer service line directly.
  2. Know when your statement is due. Whether you get a mailed copy or have  gone paperless, know when it should arrive . If it doesn't show, it could mean someone has filed a phony change of address form to reroute your info to them.
  3. Check that statement! It's the best way to know if fraudulent charges have been made. And depending on your FI's rules, you may have only 30 days to reclaim money from a phony charge.
  4. ...and then shred it. Don't put sensitive mail directly in the trash or recycling. A cross-cut shredder is a low-cost investment that can save you lots.
  5. Protect ATM cards & PINs. Don't ever share your PIN, no matter how much you trust your roommate or friend.
  6. Not all card readers are safe. "Skimming" rigs counterfeit card readers or pinhole cameras onto ATMs or card readers (24-hour gas stations and other outdoor locations are common targets). When you swipe, thieves get all the info they need to access your account. Cover the PIN pad to protect your code, and report any suspicious or loose devices. 
  7. Keep anti-virus software updated. A "clean machine" can protect you from malware that can access your online banking info or other sensitive data. Learn more at
  8. Use low-tech approaches too - don't put bills or checks in roadside mailboxes, or invest in a locking mailbox.
  9. Register at - This secure portal is your one-stop connection to all your plan benefits, including any current ID theft risk alerts, data breach alerts and tips on outsmarting identity thieves. The first time you log in, you'll need your member number from your Welcome Kit. If you have misplaced this info, just call us at 855.262.7610.
  10. Check your credit report annually for free at - it's a great way to spot new account fraud or other ID theft warning signs.
BONUS TIP: Make passwords long, strong & unique - have one that ONLY accesses your online banking app for maximum security.


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