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You don't have time to put your life on hold while you're put on hold. When you become a victim of identity theft, you face hours of forms, phone calls, and frustration.

That's why Core ID Services was created to provide real help for identity theft, with affordable identity theft protection with ARX-ID. Just one phone call to a Certified Recovery Expert will put your case in their hands - and leaves your hands free for everything else.


ARX-ID plans provide the flexible coverage you need with your choice of three plan levels, delivering Essenital to Complete solutions just for an individual or Family coverage that protects children, seniors, and other household family members.


ARX-ID plans offer sophisticated monitoring options that focus on the earliest stages of identity fraud as well as your entire identity profile going beyond simple credit monitoring to catch all forms of identity theft, including tax return, government benefit, medical identity theft and more.


Our team manages the entire identity theft recovery process on your behalf, taking away the hassles of phone calls and follow up. Personalized forms are delivered the same day and signature ready by our dedicated Certified Recovery Expert who stays with your case for you until completion.

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